Moijto is one of the most popular alcoholic cocktails. The secret of its taste is the skilful combination of aromatic rum, sour lime juice and brown sugar that balances flavors. You can easily do it yourself. We serve the recipe for mojito, i.e. the iconic long drink. How to make a mojito?

Mojito is one of the favorites for most drinks. It is not only tasty, but also fantastically refreshing, which is why in summer it is the most frequently chosen drink. In pubs and clubs, of course, its alcoholic version reigns, but fans of non-alcoholic drinks can also enjoy it – mojito can also be made in the non-alcoholic version, without losing its taste at all. The characteristic sweet and sour taste of mojito appeals to both women and men. If you like this taste and would like to enjoy it even when you are not at a party – make it yourself. We advise how to make a mojito at home, which taste is not inferior to that made by the barista.

A few words about Mojito

Mojito is the most frequently chosen drink, and its popularity is due not only to its characteristic taste, but also to its excellent refreshing properties. Mojito consists of white rum, cane sugar, lime juice, as well as soda or sparkling water. Mint leaves are an obligatory complement to the taste. The final taste of the drink depends on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Mint plays a particularly important role: it’s best if they are freshly picked leaves. They give a unique aroma, so in winter the mojito will not have the same taste as in summer. This drink owes its fantastic aroma to the combination of refreshing mint power with the characteristic taste of rum. Do you love mojitos and want to enjoy its taste more often than just when visiting a pub or club? Learn the recipe for making it in your own home.


  • white rum (60 ml)
  • sugar syrup (20 ml) or sugar (white or cane – 2 teaspoons)
  • mint (6-8 leaves)
  • lime (4-5 particles)
  • crushed ice
  • sparkling water

A method of preparing:

We start preparing the Mojito drink by placing 4-5 lime particles, 6-8 mint leaves in a glass and pour sugar syrup (or pour two teaspoons of sugar). We rub everything with a muddle. Then pour crushed ice (about halfway through) and pour white rum. Mix thoroughly and supplement the glass with crushed ice and sparkling water. Decorate the mojito with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.


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