What applications are best for making memes? On what smartphone will you create a funny picture, comic or story and capture it on the web? What should you choose to make Reddit and 9GAG users love your creations? How to make a meme?

What meme generator? Meme Generator

Let’s start with the easiest one. If you have an idea for a funny or thought-provoking signature, but you do not have the right background, then the best free way available on your smartphone will be Meme Generator Free. I’ve been using it for quite some time, it’s easy to use and has a whole bunch of known pictures that will work as a background (template). It’s free of course.

What graphics editing program? Adobe Photoshop Mix

Once you feel more confident and want to modify existing memes on your smartphone screen, it’s worth reaching for Adobe. The Photoshop Mix application allows you to cut, fold and create graphics at a fairly advanced level for the phone. For each end result can be up to four layers, and the cutting tool works even in automatic mode. It’s a real harvester that you will use not only to create memes.

Where to view and publish memes?

There is only one king here. 9GAG has long brought together users for whom this method of content consumption is the most convenient. In the free version you have to take into account the ads displayed between the pictures, but in my opinion it is not annoying enough to be tempted to spend money on the Pro version. It is also a great community that has proven its social usefulness many times. There you can also publish your works in an intuitive way.

What smartphone to create memes?

What priorities guided me when choosing devices for this short guide? Battery life that will be useful for both browsing and creating. Big screen – for exactly the same reasons. The third is reasonable performance that will allow the use of graphics processing applications.

For me, the natural choice at a fairly affordable price is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. It is currently the cheapest smartphone with the S Pen stylus that you can officially buy in Polish stores. If you want to save, you might as well bet on the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Note 8 – none of them will run out of power, the batteries are at least good, and the screens are a pleasure for the eyes.

The second option is much cheaper. Redmi Note 8 Pro towers over Samsung models with even better battery life, and from my own experience I know that performance is quite sufficient to support previously proposed applications. The IPS screen is clearly left behind. And there is no stylus, but with a little self-denial you can live with it – especially since it is almost three times cheaper than the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.


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