Urinary tract infections start completely innocently. Initially, you feel a slight burning sensation when urinating. With time, frequent visits to the toilet begin, a strong pressure on the bladder and this terrible feeling of inability to empty it. In addition, the urinary tract begins to ache and bake. How to get rid of a UTI?

However, urinary tract infections may also be asymptomatic. Then the disease develops and becomes more difficult to treat. Most often infections are caused by E. Coli, which saprophytes mainly in the large intestine. Sit-ins, herbs and diuretics will help in the treatment. In addition to herbal and antibiotic treatment, there is an oral vaccine, but only against this bacterium.

Urinary tract infections in women

In women, urinary tract infections are more common than in men, this is due to differences in the anatomical structure. The urinary tract of a woman consists of a shorter urethra than a man’s. This is why women have more frequent inflammation of the urinary tract. The treatment of the infection will be more effective the sooner it is introduced. Ladies who have a rich sex life are more at risk for urinary tract infections. During intercourse to the mucosa, microorganisms living in the genital area get in. Under the influence of abrasions, the membrane is slightly damaged. However, this is sufficient for bacteria to enter the body.

What is effective for urinary tract infections?

Drinking plenty of fluids. If your urinary tract has been affected by an infection, remember to drink plenty of water. Initially, drink a glass of water every half hour. Thanks to this, bacteria will flow out faster in the urine. In addition, such diluted urine will not cause burning. During this time, give up coffee and black tea. In addition to water, you can drink fruit juice containing vitamin C, which stops the growth of bacteria.

Herbs for urinary tract infections

Herbs support the treatment of inflammation. In pharmacies, you can buy special herbal mixtures for inflammation of the urinary tract. Treatment must be carried out as directed on the leaflet or as directed by the doctor. Herbal diuretics also have antibacterial activity. Pregnant women should consult their herbal supplements with a physician.

Urinary tract infection – treatment

Antibiotic treatment is used to treat urinary tract infections.

It is also important to keep a few simple rules in everyday life, which significantly reduce the risk of developing lower urinary tract infections. These include:

  • proper personal hygiene
  • drinking the right amount of fluid
  • preventing cooling of the lower body parts
  • proper hygiene (also of the partner) before and after sexual intercourse
  • changing spermicides to another method of contraception.

If the discomfort persists within two days, see a doctor. Urinary tract bleeding should particularly bother you. Urinary tract infections can turn into more serious nephritis. That is why it is so important to get rid of the infection completely. Remember that during treatment, hygiene is important both before and after intercourse.


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