Surely you know this feeling that appears suddenly and unexpectedly. Redness, swelling and nagging itching. Mosquitoes are attacking! Just a few to disturb your sleep or spoil the grill on the terrace. How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquito season

The first mosquitoes can appear already in April, but the most hatch in May (when it is warm and humid), the last ones can fly up to October. Mosquitos are most active on windless and warm days, in the morning – until 11:00, and in the evening – from 16:00 to 17:00.

Bloodthirsty female mosquitoes

Male mosquitoes are not bothersome, do not bite, feed on flower nectar and die immediately after mating. Only female mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals! and very often they bite people. They need blood to lay eggs. They are attracted by the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the exhaled air as well as lactic acid and other sweat components. They also use thermodetection, which is why young men, children and women during ovulation are more exposed to mosquito bites (this is related to body temperature, higher than average).

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

A reliable vanilla

If you like to sleep with the window open and the only thing that disturbs you in a restful sleep is mosquitos, be sure to get the smell with a hint of vanilla – for example, vanilla edible oil. Pour a few drops of aroma onto the sponge and rub the window and door frames with it. This method is simple and cheap. Works for 2-3 hours.

Dense mosquito nets

So that mosquitoes cannot get into your home, it is worth installing mosquito nets in the windows. It is quite dense, yet breathable and extremely thin material. You can also place mosquito nets above your bed. The chambers don’t get into the room!

Electric cartridges

A very good way to scare mosquitoes is to use electrical inserts. They contain the smell that is only perceived by these insects, which makes them stay away from the wide open windows of our apartments.

Spirals, scented candles

When we are outdoors, we are often exposed to mosquito attacks. How to scare them away then? In the stores you will find scented candles or special spirals, which under the influence of heat produce a smell so irritating to these insects that they decide not to approach us and our skin.

Natural mosquito repellents

There are also completely natural ways to repel mosquitoes. If you like spending summer evenings in your garden, make sure that mosquito repellent plants are found in it.



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