Black beans are packed with antioxidants that protect us against free radical attacks and thus prevent the development of dangerous diseases and premature aging. It is anthocyanins present in it, which give the beans a dark shade. Scientists have found that black beans may have up to … 40 times more than white! How to cook black beans?

Black beans are a very good source of vitamins – especially from the B group, including folic acid – and mineral salts (including copper, calcium, potassium, zinc), rich in fiber, and omega-3 acids. Black beans are also a source of iron – it is worth eating in the company of red peppers. Reason? The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concludes that in women who added vitamin C to a meal (half a cup of red pepper is enough), iron absorption (e.g. from black beans) was three times higher.

How to cook black beans?

Consuming legumes is very good for health. Studies have shown that by eating them four times a week, the risk of heart disease and cancer development is reduced by as much as 22 percent. They are also a very good source of protein. Black beans favorably affect the kidneys and bladder and reproductive functions. It also has a comprehensive impact on the brain.

Black beans, like other legumes, should not be consumed in large quantities, because it causes bloating and increases gas production.

How to eat black beans?

Beans can be prepared just like any other. It is suitable as a basis for soup, it makes a tasty paste. This type of bean has a slightly different taste from traditional beans, it is sharper and a bit more spicy. Great variety of salads, giving them character.

It is excellent to prepare, especially in winter and early spring when there is a shortage of fresh vegetables. Black beans are one of the most convenient to prepare, because they do not fall apart after cooking, keeping their shape.

Black cooking

The taste of black beans is sweet. We get dry seeds in health food stores, well-stocked delicatessen, etc. Like other known bean varieties, we need to soak it before cooking – it is best to leave it overnight in water and then cook it (it will take about 2 hours). It is also worth looking for organic black beans in a can, which contains only water, without any artificial additives.

Black beans are one of the most commonly used ingredients in Mexican cuisine. It is added to sandwich pastes, soups, salads, chilli con carne, tortilla fillings and pancakes. In Mexico, black beans are served with fresh herbs, and can also be ground after preparation.

Feijoada is a Brazilian national dish – a type of stew. Feijoada completa is a dish of beans, dried meat, smoked sausages, tongues, pork ears and legs, cloves, bay leaves, pepper, garlic and onions.



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